Our faculty are not only respected specialists in their respective professional fields, they also happen to have loads of experience having their own children.

Rabbi Yosef Solomon

An inspirational speaker, Yosef is an experienced educator and trained Rabbinic Marriage Counsellor with a passion for helping couples build happy homes.

Rebbetzin Carri Solomon

A sought after speaker and mentor, Carri helps women achieve their maternal goals naturally. After seven natural births (yeah, phew!) she’s got loads to share.

Rochelle Cowan Bsc Phy LLPO

A physiotherapist specialising in women’s health, Rochelle guides women ensuring they know how to keep their bodies healthy throughout the journey.

Dr Rabbi Leslie Solomon

One of the UK’s most experienced mohels, Leslie is an A&E doctor and a prolific speaker educating communities about the bris.

Jodie Branfam BSc, DipION, mBANT

A new mother herself, Jodie is a nutritional therapist whose specialities include female health and fertility and using functional medicine to maintain emotional balance.

Mrs Earth Mother

A trained midwife and birth coach, Earth has supported hundreds of women through labour making their experience positive and memorable.